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By Sara Van Dyck

During this Early chook identify, readers find out about the actual features, habitat, and behaviour of the electrical eel.

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Electric eels can be scary creatures. But they are part of nature. They have lived on Earth for millions of years. They share the streams with catfish, turtles, and caimans. The electric eels belong in South America’s waters. 43 A NOTE TO ADULTS ON SHARING A BOOK When you share a book with a child, you show that reading is important. To get the most out of the experience, read in a comfortable, quiet place. Turn off the television and limit other distractions, such as telephone calls. Be prepared to start slowly.

It swallows its food whole. When an electric eel finds prey, the eel’s long electric organs act quickly. They make many strong bursts of electricity. These bursts knock out the prey. The eel swallows the prey in one gulp. The electric eel also uses electricity to keep itself safe. If another predator gets too close, the eel makes strong bursts of electricity. The bursts hurt or kill the other animal. 29 A small electric eel can make only a little electricity. A bigger fish can make much stronger shocks.

37 Chapter 5 People live along the rivers and streams where electric eels live. Why did some people catch electric eels long ago? Hard to Catch Long ago, people in South America caught electric eels. They used the eels to try to make sick people well. They thought the eels’ electricity could help people with headaches or fevers. 38 In modern times, scientists catch electric eels. They want to study the fish. Scientists catch the eels in big nets. The scientists must wear heavy rubber boots and gloves.

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