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Thus to determine the overall reliability we require the probability that either one or both of the channels are working, given the reliabilities RI and R2 of the two channels individually for a prescribed operating period. Here the two channels are considered independent, in that a fault in one channel makes no difference to the probability of a fault in the other channel. If a channel without a fault is classed as successful, it is possible for both channels, that is, both events, to be successful simultaneously.

Here n = 16, 38 Electronic Equipment Reliability p = 0·25, so that the expected value np = 4, and as this is an integer the peak of the distribution occurs at x = 4. 4. 5. 5 the distributions are discrete or discontinuous, since we can have only an integral number of successes. 9. 21). A more general case is that of an event with a probability of success of p. 12) This is obtained by considering the joint probability that in n events we have exactly r successes, each with a probability of P, and n - r failures, each with a probability of (I - p).

This expression can be used either to calculate reliability from a knowledge of T and M, or to calculate one of these given the reliability. If we consider a communications satellite with an estimated MTBF of 20 000 hours, and require the probability of its surviving for a threeyear period in orbit, we have = exp (-TIM) R where T = 26 280 hours M = 20000 hours then R = exp (-1·314) = 0·268 This is a low reliability figure. If we set a value of 0·8 as an acceptable reliability, we can calculate for what period the satellite will attain this reliability.

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