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64 C4H6 1, 3-Butadiene 53. 31 3 3 Average. 1]@2 C9111202 Ethyl Nitrate Nitroglycerine Acetyl Peroxide tert-flulyl the polymerization Ref 2. yi Peroxide Cumene Hydroperoxirte Die[tlyl process. 7 28. 5 . 55 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 H 23 , I , (7 2345678 I RCACTION HAZARD INOCX. R. R. Stun, Ibid, 7, 67 (1973) Hazards–Prevention of Industrial Gas Explosions. , the addition of sufficient methane to a potentially explosive mixt of H + O in” a hydrogen peroxide plant suppresses explosive reactions without excessive loss of plant throughput capacity which would have resulted if an inert suppressant (diluent) such as nitrogen were added to the mixture.

2 when used in the formulation of HBX compounds. 2). Calcium Silicate is designated for use only in Army formulations of HBX type explosive compositions. 6 Grade B Compositions. 0% Ingredient /’ Ii. 75% A separate Calcium Chloride detn need only be done if required in the contract or order. An additioml one-half percent of Calcium Chloride shall be added whenever preparing the reclaimed explosive for re-use. 2). 2 H 26 3. 8 Vacuum Stability. 2 Lot Size. For the purpose of sampling a lot shall be limited to 1300 lbs max and to one batch from a single vessel.

Water-wet RDX is added slowly with stirring and heating until all the water is evapd. Powdered Al is added and the mixture is continued to be stirred until uniform. D-2 wax and Ca chlo’ride are then added and the mixture is cooled from temp 95–1 00° to a temp considered suitable for casting (the lowest practicable pour temp) HBX can also be prepd by adding the calcd amt of molten TNT to molten Comp B to obtain the desired proportion of RDX/TN’T and then the appropriate weights of other ingredients are added to complete the compn (Ref 6, p 163) IVOTE: The desensitizer wax, also known as Composition D-2, consists of 84% paraffin wax, 14% NC and 2% lecithin.

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