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1979). Design and Analysis of Experiments, 3:1666 Das Gesetz der Kleinen Zahlen (Bortkiewicz), 1:630 Data. See also Binary data; Categorical data; Censored data; Circular data; Grouped data Anscombe data sets, 1:174 and classification, 2:967–969 coarse, 2:1023–1024 coded, 2:1028–1029 combination of, 2:1074–1081 compositional, 2:1146–1147 cross-sectional, 2:1454 editing statistical, 3:1861–1867 electronic data interchange (EDI) in statistics, 3:1895–1896 girdle (equatorial) data and distributions, 4:2858 incomplete, 5:3411–3417 influential, 5:3500–3502 landmark, 6:3949–3958 messy, 7:4731–4734 metadata, 7:4744–4747, 12:8144–8146 nonprecise, 8:5631–5635 ordinal, 9:5842–5847 panel, 9:5911–5916 peeling, 9:6042–6045 reduction of, 11:7028–7030 secondary, 11:7516 sharpening, 12:7681 truncated, 14:8773 weak, 15:9067–9069 Data, binary.

See Log-linear models in contingency tables; Odds ratio estimators Cross-sectional data, 2:1454 CROSSTABS categorical data, 2:767 Cross-validation, 2:1454–1457 continuum regression, 2:1343 recursive partitioning, 11:7011 and regularized regression, 2:1342 used by CART method, 2:1154 Cross-validatory score, 2:1455 Cross variogram, 4:2830 Crouse-Lemmer dispersion test, 3:1772–1773 Crude moment, 2:1458 Crude product moment, 10:6531 Crude rates, 10:6962–6963 9268 CUMULATIVE INDEX, VOLUMES 1–15 Crude sum of squares, 2:1458–1459 Crump-Mode-Jagers process, 1:662 Crystal lattice, 15:9200 Crystallography, 2:1459–1461 x-ray crystallography, 15:9199–9206 CSP-1 (continuous sampling plan), 2:1340–1341 CSP-2 (continuous sampling plan), 2:1341 CSP-3 (continuous sampling plan), 2:1341 CTAB, 2:767 Cube law.

J. (1981). Practical Experimental Designs, 3:1666 Dice, 4:2612 waiting times for success runs, 2:1058 Dichotomous data, 1:557 and categorical data, 2:763 Dichotomy, 3:1687 Dickey-Fuller distributions, 14:8878 Dickey-Fuller unit-root tests, 14:8878–8880 Dickey’s ‘‘beliefs about beliefs’’ maxim, 3:1903 Die Differential- und Integralgleichungen der Mechanik und Physik (von Mises), 14:9008 Difference equations, 3:1687 Difference of means test, censored data in, 3:1687–1688 Difference of two means confidence intervals, 2:1256 Difference of zero, 3:1688–1689 Difference prophet inequality, 10:6565 Difference-stationary process, 14:8877 Differential geometry in statistics, 3:1689–1692 Differential main effects, 7:4445 Differential operator Delta operator and poweroid, 9:6315 Differential strings, 12:8010 Diffuse prior distributions in multivariate Bayesian analysis, 8:5159 Diffusion processes, 3:1694–1698, 7:4561 absolute continuity of probability measures, 1:8 Diffusion type models for marketing studies, 7:4502–4503 Digamma and trigamma distributions, 3:1698–1700 Digamma distribution, 3:1698–1700 Digamma function, 3:1700, 14:8762 Digestive organs human radiation hazards, 3:2018 CUMULATIVE INDEX, VOLUMES 1–15 Digital beamlets, 1:441 Digital filtering chemometrics application, 2:872 Digital modulation schemes, 2:1101–1102 Digression analysis, 3:1701–1702 Dilation, 1:438.

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