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19. For further elaboration of the various forms of magnetism, see Chapter 2, endnote 23, p. 88, The Fertile Earth, Vol. III of the Ecotechnology series. - Ed. Some Philosophical Aspects of Natural Energies The Abundance-producing Wheel (Early concept sketch for the Repulsator) Fig. 7 25 26 The Energy Evolution All today's expansion-explosion machines, pressure turbines, etc. generate decomposive energies that function reactively, and as a result and in conformity with natural law, regressive development is inevitable throughout the whole course of development.

This vaporising heat-form, which gradually leads to the desiccation of the soil, is the best prerequisite for the development of parasitic bacteria, whose appearance should be taken as a warning sign that serious errors in motion and excitation have been made. If these errors can be rectified, then the parasites disappear automatically, because in a cool (fresh) soil, only apathogenic (health-enhancing) bacteria can survive. It is therefore ridiculous, for example, to try to treat polluted water with chlorine, or to eliminate all noxious life-forms with poisonous gases, which would otherwise disappear automatically by changing the motive and stimulative influences.

These energies, however, can be transformed into the most developmentally harmful forms of atomic energy if, for example, a cyclotron-like centrifugating device is employed as the supposedly correct means for producing energy. Hitherto it has not been known that vitamins, the concentrates of noble matter (perfectly developed fat-formations fermented under the exclusion of light and heat, which are known to solidify at death) can be degraded through inferior (expansively-acting) influences of heat and light and are gradually transformed into the atomic ptomaine radiation mentioned at the beginning, Only recently has so-called vacuum-distillation been applied to obtaining high-grade fat-concentrates from essential oils.

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