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By Colin Moock

Moock, a developer within the Flash neighborhood, covers ActionScript 2.0 syntax in addition to object-oriented layout and object-oriented programming (OOP) during this consultant for ActionScript builders and skilled OOP builders coming from one other language corresponding to Java or C++. The e-book teaches object-oriented options, syntax, and utilization, then outlines most sensible practices for constructing and development an item- orientated undertaking, and indicates how you can practice largely authorized OOP suggestions and layout styles to Flash.

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Rewritten to enhance performance or to simplify the source code without changing the previously existing functionality). In Chapter 4, we'll learn how to use the private modifier to prevent a method or property from being accessed by other parts of a program. 5 Datatypes Each class in an object-oriented program can be thought of as defining a unique kind of data, which is formally represented as a datatype in the program. A class effectively defines a custom datatype. You are probably already familiar with custom datatypes defined by built-in ActionScript classes, such as the Date class.

For example, we can call getTime( ) on a Date object, but we must not call gotoAndPlay( ) on a Date object, because the Date class does not support the gotoAndPlay( ) method. On the other hand, we can call gotoAndPlay( ) on a movie clip because that method is defined by the MovieClip class. In order for an object-oriented program to work properly, every operation performed on every object should succeed. That is, if a method is invoked on an object, the object's class must actually define that method.

Both disciplines can effectively create that kind of content. However, remember that OOP in Flash is typically more maintainable than timeline code and is easier to integrate into version control systems and other external production tools. If you suspect that your highly customized UI will be used for more than a single project, you should strongly consider developing it as a reusable class library or set of components with OOP. Note that in addition to Flash's traditional timeline metaphor, Flash MX Professional 2004 introduced a Screens feature (which includes both Slides and Forms).

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