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By Fred Snyder

Ether Lipids: Chemistry and Biology offers the key learn breakthroughs within the chemistry and biology of ether lipids.
This ebook comprises sixteen chapters and starts off with the background of experiences of ether lipids. the next chapters take care of the chemical syntheses, analytical strategies, organic results, and metabolic pathways of those lipids. huge chapters are dedicated to the biochemical elements of ether lipids in various species, equivalent to mammals, birds, marine organisms, mollusks, protozoal, micro organism, and vegetation. those chapters additionally illustrate the suitability and value of a number of the tissues to explain the function of those lipids in dwelling structures.
This textual content could be of price to chemists, biologists, biomedical scientists and researchers, and graduate scholars.

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The mass spectra had one peak at m/e = 254, corresponding to hexadec-l-enyl methyl ether, and one at m/e = Μ — 32, possibly a hydrocarbon formed by loss of methanol from the ether. The hexadec-l-enyl methyl ether was easily hydrolyzed to yield hexadecanal and hydrogenated to form hexadecyl methyl ether. As noted by Stein and Slawson (1966), the difficulties associated with the GLC of dimethyl acetals can be circumvented by qualitative and quantita­ tive calibrations of the GLC columns, together with some attempt to prove that the substance emerging from the column is the same as that placed on it.

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