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By John Updike


John Updike’s 5th number of poetry faces nature on a couple of levels.

An starting component to sonnets touches upon loss of life, getting older, and, in a series of describing every week in Spain, insomnia and dread. The poems that persist with think of nature within the kind of seasons, of planting timber and being buried, of shadow and rain, of discomfort and accumulation, and of such human diversions as paintings and shuttle. The final poem the following, and the longest within the ebook, undertakes a strolling journey of every of Jupiter’s 4 significant moons, a systematic day trip that leads into the extravagant precisions of the “Seven Odes to Seven usual Processes,” a lyrical but literal-minded social gathering of a few of the earthly forces that uphold and encompass us.

Finally, a dozen examples of sunshine verse toy with such common phenomena as presbyopia, the strength crunch, meals, and sex.

Like the simplest of the metaphysical poets, Mr. Updike embraces the realm in all its types and creates conceits out of the informal in addition to the moments.

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Polly’s death has resulted in many new laws and has changed the way authorities handle child abductions.

Polly’s death has resulted in many new laws and has changed the way authorities handle child abductions.

Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said A Delicate Kiss A sweet innocence adorns her face In the fashion of an alluring smile Inviting me, to some other-worldly place Exiled, in all that desire holds worthwhile Does the wind not pursue her Save only to stroke silken hair And easing to a breeze even fainter In favor, of caressing skin this fair O’ how she holds my tender attention As my heart melts into a flowing chorus A soundless song above comprehension Exquisite expression, yielding me voiceless I shall no longer evade her splendor But rather, embrace a savory bliss As yearning gives way to surrender I dissolve into her delicate kiss 29 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said An Enchanting Lover As the music plays my mind strains Dim shadows search for memory’s trace As a misplaced sorrow softly remains And the forgotten name of a lovely face As the melody unfolds passionate and tender I awaken to the loss of bygone affection The rhythm of song seduces me to remember So bitter-sweet lingering in reflection Abundant hair with the aroma of honeysuckle Brushes against me like a butterfly’s kiss A valued souvenir woven from Time’s wrinkle Reminding me of my beloved as I reminisce Her ever fervent eyes ablaze with favor Easing me in to untamed sensation 30 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Removed from all else by the image of her Enmeshed with desire’s elation As the song ended I mused on romance And doubting as I played it again Was the name of the song simply by chance “The forgotten love between fairies and men” 31 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said She Returns Playful whispers near my ear as laughter swashes softly Endearing eyes I clearly hear speak to me so warmly My soul awakened by her rousing smile Retracing time in tender embrace My heart resigned to die a while until I gazed again upon her face Her soothing scent sweeps the air and wafts away secluded wanting 32 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Such gentle joys are always there In every return of Spring 33 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Immersed With Beauty Echoes of her scent so replete Drift through the air as if mist Appealing, and ever so sweet Invites me near, as if to insist Her body, firm and slender Faint arms, resting on the edge Delicate feet, frolic in the water At first sight, love I did pledge She was closed and shy at first Then inner beauty began to expose And with her I became immersed Nothing is lovelier than a rose 34 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said White Lace Limbo Her tight skin glows in light of candles As night outside shadows the window A dress on the floor next to sandals Across white lace my slow eyes follow Swallowed by the deepness of pillows Oblivious to the beckon of time Hands sweeping from torso to toes Lasting moments in a passing lifetime Sensual embraces accented with sweat As white lace gives way to desire Nestled between sheets a trembling duet Lit candles burn down as the fire grows higher 35 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Peking Breezes The greenest ivy I’ve ever seen Abounds, up old round columns Sheets from a fountain, form a screen And create astounding crystalline blossoms Urgent concerns were resigned at the gate For these ornate garden grounds are gentle Its ancient marble, predates my human fate Vibration of thought, inclined to be tactile As I bathe in waves of tranquility Sweet scented honeysuckle graces the air And I glance into the mild eyes of impossibility To see rare beauty, rending the roses to despair “From which delicate flower, has this soft petal fallen” My powerless heart, saying what it pleases Her caress of a response is distressfully foreign Where peace meets unrest, blows the Peking breezes 36 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Mystical Dream As I lay sleeping I had a dream To a mystical place I went I walked shaded, next to a stream With flowering trees casting lavish scent I heard harps playing a blissful sound Among statues, noble and ancient I found a crystal, smooth and round Showing the spectrum clear and vibrant At first my own reflection Then I gazed hard and deep I saw a child playing with passion And then awakened from my sleep Considering my dream, my happiness grew And I’ll always cherish it fondly The child is the morning, fresh and new The place; this world of possibility 37 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Your Name I breathe your name into me across my lips it lightly prances Saying it like a prayerful plea the rippling sound around me dances Your name rings within me deeply melting my tender marrow Cherishing its chime so dearly I surrender to its vibrating flow Echoing in my existence through every season and each year 38 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said A name of resonating brilliance falling softly on my ear 39 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said A Saturday In Chartres Apparitions of winter have melted away As the earth gives birth upon grassy plains Passing noonday rains, create a mirthful ballet With soft-petal dresses, swaying to refrains Confining gray clouds, untie a captive sun Whose warmth dissolves all persisting mist Rising flaxen wings, begin to twist into heaven With France enchanting me, into a Springtime tryst Content to wander these engaging lands Its gentle beauty almost torments my heart A cathedral built with Free Stone Mason hands Mankind and time, were eventually kind to Chartres Hauntingly noble, almost ominous Stained glass windows casting a gothic gaze Chipped pale brick, with a sense of darkness A magnetic fear lures me through the archways A dim, mild light shines inside The scent of centuries, weighs in the air And the residing lives of those who’ve died Seem to guide my eyes, to an upward stare It was no deity, nor saint, or savior I saw But a mass of quiet light, whispering in through the glass Such passionate hues, inspiring me to awe Reds and blues, evoking trepidation to pass 40 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Peace and comfort settled into my soul As I continued to stroll through the colorful brilliance The hallowed cathedral gave me a soothing cajole For I had first judged it, by outward appearance 41 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Sanctuary Sagebrush and laurel leaves and ageless elation all radiantly thriving in the life of my ever yearning eyes Such gentle passion such tempting endearment brushing lightly over me with an enticingly strange and appealing hush As if I were joyously weighted down by all the soft spoken supplications that any lover has ever helplessly uttered in a moment of tearful fondness 42 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said All of Heaven holds its own sense and reasons and so I supposed when she gingerly kissed me and I slipped from density into the wondrous refuge of Sanctuary Biography Of A Rumor Faint whispers fondly murmur Conceived between smiling suspicion And veracity’s embellishment, as father Yet born as innocent supposition Nurtured by the absence of substance And suckling abstract observation It grows in the eyes of rationed intelligence As falsity’s fond blood relation How lovely the voyeur’s diversion When other lives are see-through So cherished are these perverted children Imagining the populace is human too 43 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Endless Night Tender passion reaches for tomorrow Any other I would forsake I wait for streams of sultry red and yellow My lover returns to me at daybreak The darkness commits a quiet treason A world woven in a velvety blur Each second evokes a season As I anxiously await for her Moonlit shadows strangely move Unleashed like some darkened beast Driven in a hungry groove Feeding, on a luminescent feast The moon itself, full and bright That terrible ghost amongst the tears Haunts me from a distant height My nemesis as morning nears O’ my love where is the day Whose astounding brilliance I await End this grave of white and gray And return to me, my precious mate 45 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said The Nature Of It All The high sun shines all around giving reassuring warmth and comfort Everything’s so bright and I’m spellbound peace at last in a colorful concert Fragrant aroma fills the air Delicate petals tender and fragile To touch them softly if I dare A caress so gentle and casual 46 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Holding firmly and stretching deep reaching out for the sweetest moisture This is the one that I think I’ll keep because that’s what it is to kiss her 47 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Pleasurable Frustration I have seen into eyes engaging On the most affectionate of faces Beauty has set my passions raging Lightly lost, in love affair chases O’ how you are marvelous and unrivaled I revel in your gentle seduction You have both dazzled and bedeviled With such a delicate introduction You delve into me deeply Discovering facets I didn’t fathom Making me yearn for innocent folly And wish for blasphemous rhythm Do I entreat you to further explore Or implore you for limitation Unknowingly, you have caused an uproar By being such pleasurable frustration 48 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Romance Unplanned The mysterious moon hung overhead Casting the only light In the darkness I was led By my adoring and lovely sprite We came upon an unknown place She began her playful laughter Running away as I gave chase I vowed to catch my tempter Perhaps she was too kind to me Or maybe made some err The pursuit was ended quickly She was easy to ensnare Kissing her fondly, I held her tight We moved as if to music A hedonistic song that night We were passionate and rhythmic I thought about the plans we made They were nothing less than formal The evening left me undismayed Because romance is sometimes casual 49 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Another World A soft sound arises from a thousand or more thin transparent wings that are only found on the tiny lives that simply exist on the edge of some dreamer’s fanciful imagination The small wings begin to sway slowly in succession across the freshly formed petals of the sweet Spring flowers sending the intense scent wafting through the evening’s warm air 50 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said O’ how the inspired soul of a lover dwells in another world all its own That even the windblown smells of nature turns their beating heart into fairy wings 51 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said My Lover I melt with helpless affection My vision flooded with what I see Caught up in a fervent passion She is an image beyond lovely Yearning drips from my very soul As I sit in silent devotion My gentle heart finally whole Willingly lost in emotion Enticing me to sweet weakness Her appetite sets me afire A woman so bewitchingly faultless Enchants me with desire I pray the sun rises every day For hours of engaging pleasure Another dance of her savory ballet Her beauty my only treasure 53 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Answers To Everlasting Strands Softly flowing on eternity’s breath Resting in humanity’s hands Searching steadily until death For answers to everlasting strands If the Devil is the dual to God And good on the end of evil Why are the faithful at odds in Jihad East and West, in hostile upheaval If mass equates to space and weight And a thought is not a thing Then how can greed and hate dictate So much of human suffering All of our beliefs and notions Form images in our mind Planting seeds of caustic actions In the garden of mankind Most hold to the one idea The responsibility is the others To create the all-loving panacea For us, as sisters and brothers Should all give goodness and kindness To everyone we see Although a righteous and noble practice The ruthless and cruel may not agree 54 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said None should neglect their self respect And self defense is necessity But an axiom that might help us connect Is “cause no harm, to a tolerable degree” Softly flowing on eternity’s breath Resting in humanity’s hands Searching steadily until death For answers to everlasting strands Her morning eyes rise with the day Welcomed once more by a ballet of light The wind streams in its sweet bouquet Good favor she sings, to perishing night The trees are blooming in the birth of Spring And a chirping mirth from winged gypsies What pleasing bounties nature does bring Blessings of earth, give her peace and ease Her mate melts her with lengthy embrace In grace she dissolves, giving her trust Strong in heart with kindness of face Promised together until returning to dust The occurrence of pleasures and fortunate acts Give her delight to smile in grateful agreement And silently alone she considers the impacts Of her thoughts, actions, and judgment Awakened to her hopes and heartaches She braves the vastness without safe guarantee Will she forsake mankind for our blind mistakes Or will she cause us no harm, to a tolerable degree 55 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said Gentle Torrent Silent tears slip from looking glass eyes and pass benignly along with barely a trace What wrong has wrought her smile’s demise that once sweetly flowered on this cherished face The depth of such weeping more vast than the present perhaps amassed in the abyss of travailing years 56 Brian Douthit - Perfectly Said What warrants this anguish so poignantly grievant whose arrant intensity assails all my fears Across exposed fragile lips over chin to crisp blouse sorrow seems to stream like summer rain on a sculpture What ushered such wordless emotions to rouse When I vowed “You have my heart gentle lover...

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