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By Michael C. Gao, Jien-Wei Yeh, Peter K. Liaw, Yong Zhang

This booklet offers a scientific and complete description of high-entropy alloys (HEAs). The authors summarize key homes of HEAs from the point of view of either primary knowing and functions, that are supported by way of in-depth analyses. The ebook additionally includes computational modeling in tackling HEAs, which support elucidate the formation mechanisms and homes of HEAs from a variety of size and time scales.

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Naturally, this equivalency of alloying elements in stabilizing a particular crystal structure reminds the well-known effect of electron concentration on the crystal structure in conventional alloys [42]. Before the effect of electron concentration on the crystal structure of solid solutions forming HEAs is discussed, two different notions of electron concentrations, valence electron concentration (VEC) and electrons per atom ratio (e/a), will be introduced first, as there exist subtle differences in their definitions and resulting applications.

Tian et al. studied the structural stability in CoCrFeNiAlx HEAs and they found that at 300 K the fcc phase in these alloys is stable at VEC ! 04 [55]. These threshold VEC values are not too far away from those proposed by Guo et al. [37]. Firstly, as discussed before, the threshold VEC values proposed by Guo et al. are mainly for reference only and variations among different alloy systems are expected. ’s calculation, the relative stability of fcc and bcc phases was compared at 300 K. This would also cause some concerns, as these solid solution phases are not equilibrium phases at room temperature [50].

2. It is apparent that all HEAs have a higher level of ΔSmix than that of BMGs (marked by ▼). 5 J/ (mol · K) and with smaller values of δ. 43 δ [%] Refs. 1 Phase constitution; valence electron concentration, VEC; enthalpy of mixing, ΔHmix; entropy of mixing, ΔSmix; average melting point, Tm; Ω (Ω ¼ TmΔSmix/|ΔHmix|); and atomic size difference, δ, for representative HEAs and BMGs. 77 Refs. [10] [20] [10] [10] [10] [19] [10] [10] [10] [10] [21] [10] [10] [22] [10] [22] [10] [22] [10] [23] [17] [10] [16] [10] [10] 26 Y.

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