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Many control valves, automatic dampers and thermostats are out of calibration, malfunctioning or miss-set. 10. Systems are out of balance. 11. Fans are oversized for load, pumping out more air than required, running on demand 24 hours a day year round. 12. Pumps are oversized for load, pumping out more gpm’s than required, running on demand 24 hours a day year round. 13. Starting and stopping times of HVAC equipment not optimized. 14. Paying higher demand rates than need be. 15. Power factors: on underload motors not controlled.

Note the central equipment, terminals, piping, diameters, valves, etc. 5. Fill out pump test report. Fill in standard information in heading. Enter pump data, manufacturer, model, size, type and impeller size. Enter design performance figures, gpm, rpm and full and no flow heads. The suction and discharge pressure readings at full and no flow will be filled in at the job site. Fill in the motor data, manufacturer, serial number, mounting frame number, type of internal winding frame, service factor and rated hp, bhp, voltage, rpm and phase.

4. Check motor and pump nameplates and make physical inspection for further data and enter. 5. Check starter and overload sizes. 6. Bump pump for correct rotation. 7. Take electrical readings. 8. Finally, take discharge and static head pressure readings with pump off, then running with no flow, to establish impeller diameter, and then at full flow. Suction pressure is subtracted from discharge for total pressure. HVAC Testing and Balancing Forms Figure 1-12. Sample Filled Out Pump Test Report Form 33 34 HVAC Procedures and Forms Manual WATER BALANCE REPORT PRESSURE DIFFERENTIAL This water balance report is used for readings with fluid flow measuring devices such as differential Pitot tubes, circuit setters, venturis, etc.

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