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106 107 109 LOGIC. INTRODUCTORY SECTION. Logic, in the most extensive sense whicli it can with propriety be to bear, may be considered as the Science and also as the Art It investigates the principles on which argumentation of Reasoning. is conducted, and furnishes rules to secure the mind from error in its Its most appropriate office, however, is that of instituting deductions. an analysis of the process of the mind in Reasoning: and in this point of view it is, as has been stated, strictly a Science while considered in reference to the practical rules above mentioned, it may be This distinction, as will hereafter called the Art of Reasoning.

CONTENTS. § I. Division op Fallacies, The common division of Fallacies into those in the Words, 1)1 dictione, and those in the Matter, Extra dictionem, not satisfactory, . . § II. Logical Fallacies, . . . . . , . . . . — jNIaterial or Non-Logical Fallacies, where the Conclusion does follow from the Premises, 1. When the Premises are such as ought not to have been ...... . 58 — . in. where the Conclusion does not follow from the Premises, Purely Logical Fallacies, 1 2. Semi-Logical Fallacies, .

Distinction between the Jirst and second Intention in the use of Terms The first intention is a Vague and General signification, The second intention, a Precise and Limited (Technical) . : — . . 69 70 70 70 : meaning, 3. Two ....... more Things connected by Resemblance or Analogy, have frequently the same name, or Proper. Original or primary meanings of words, 2. Improper, Secondary or transferred meanings, . 4. Several things are called by the same Name, in consequence of being connected by vicinity of Time and Place, .

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