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By Meg Cabot

Meena Harper has a unique present, yet it’s simply now that anyone’s ever liked it. The Palatine Guard—a strong mystery demon-hunting unit of the Vatican—has employed her to paintings at their new department in reduce new york. With Meena’s skill to foretell how every person she meets will die, the Palatine ultimately has an opportunity opposed to the undead. definite, her ex-boyfriend used to be Lucien Anton­escu, son of Dracula, the prince of darkness. yet that used to be earlier than he (and their dating) went up in flames. Now Meena’s sworn off vampires for solid . . . at the very least until eventually she will be able to end up her concept that simply because they’ve misplaced their souls doesn’t suggest demons have misplaced the power to like. Meena understands convincing her co-workers—including her associate, Über-demon-hunter Alaric Wulf—that vampires might be redeemed won’t be effortless . . . in particular whilst a perilous new probability appears endangering not only lives of the Palatine, yet Meena’s family and friends in addition. yet Meena isn’t the Palatine’s in simple terms wish. Father Henrique—aka Padre Caliente—New York City’s youngest, so much captivating priest, has additionally been assigned to the case. So why doesn’t Meena—or Alaric—trust him? As she starts off unraveling the reality, Meena unearths her loyalties verified, her actual emotions laid naked . . . and temptations she by no means even imagined existed irresistible. This time, Meena may perhaps eventually have bitten off greater than she will be able to bite.

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He shook his head. ” It seemed hard to believe that on such a warm, pretty evening, something so evil could exist. But she had just killed one. And she had her arm around the waist of another. “It isn’t anyone from my clan, I can tell you that much,” he said. ” “You told David you rule over all demon life on this side of hell,” Meena said, ignoring his sarcasm. ” Lucien’s dark eyes flashed menacingly.  . available lately,” he replied. She wasn’t sure if his curtness was due to her having touched upon a sensitive subject, or to their having reached an intersection, and the light was warning them to wait.

He was a dying man, after all. ” “Yes,” he said with another groan. “Oh yes, it is. Beautiful Meena. ” She yanked up his head by his hair and looked into his eyes. They were drunken slits.  . ” he asked blearily. “I’m sorry that you are having problems in your personal life right now,” she said. “But you chose Brianna over me, remember? ” His eyes started to focus a little more. ” She continued to hold up his head by his hair. ” Nice of him to rub in the fact that she was single. Like it was her fault her last boyfriend had tried to burn down half of the Upper East Side.

And that all it took to send any one of them over the edge was the tiniest of pushes.  . or when someone other than herself was going to die. That information might have been useful for her now, as she eased out of David’s car, and his hand shot out and wrapped around her wrist, entrapping it in a grip of iron. The worst part of it was that he didn’t say anything. He just kept one hand clamped around her wrist, his gaze a dead-eyed stare. Then he opened his mouth wide to reveal a set of pointed fangs.

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