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Understand the rules, purposes, and boundaries of a state-of-the-art material

in line with the author's 26 years of expertise within the box of Nanotechnology, this reference deals researchers and fabrics scientists an entire connection with the actual techniques, thoughts, purposes and ideas underlying some of the most researched fabrics.

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Southern Clay Products (SCP) manufactures and markets Cloisite additives. These montmorillonite organoclays are An Overview of Nanoparticles 17 surface modified to allow complete dispersibility and miscibility with many different resin systems for which they were designed to improve. Cloisite MMT clays such as Cloisite Na+, 15A, 20A, SOB, 93A, 25A, and 10A are referenced in this section. Several of these MMT clays are mentioned also in Chap. 7. Cloisite Na+ is a natural montmorillonite. This plastic additive improves various plastic physical properties, such as reinforcement, heat deflection temperature (HDT), coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE), and barrier properties.

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Specific chemical pretreatment modifier (MT2EtOH: methyl, tallow, bis-2-hydroxyethyl, quaternary ammonium) was used for the preparation of Cloisite SOB. Cloisite 93A is a natural montmorillonite modified with a ternary ammonium salt. Specific chemical pretreatment modifier (M2HT: methyl, dehydrogenated tallow ammonium salt) was used to prepare Cloisite 93A. Cloisite 25A is a natural montmorillonite modified with a quaternary ammonium salt. Specific chemical pretreatment modifier (2MHTL8: dimethyl, hydrogenated tallow, 2-ethylhexyl quaternary ammonium) led to Cloisite 25A.

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