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Revealing Male our bodies is the 1st scholarly assortment to without delay confront male lived event. there was an explosion of labor in men's reviews, masculinity matters, and male sexuality, as well as a turning out to be literature exploring woman embodiment. lacking from the present literature, in spite of the fact that, is a sustained research of the phenomenology of male-gendered our bodies. Revealing Male our bodies addresses this omission by way of interpreting how male our bodies are bodily and experientially constituted via the commercial, theoretical, and social practices in which males are immersed. members comprise Susan Bordo, William Cowling, Terry Goldie, Maurice Hamington, Don Ihde, Greg Johnson, Bj?rn Krondorfer, Alphonso Lingis, Patrick McGann, Paul McIlvenny, Terrance MacMullan, Jim Perkinson, Steven P. Schacht, Richard Schmitt, Nancy Tuana, Craig L. Wilkins, and John Zuern.

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