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How can a cheetah speed up from 0 to 40 miles in keeping with hour in 3 seconds? How do termites construct cooling platforms into their houses? what's that Alien-like set of jaws in a moray eel's mouth for? those questions and extra are explored in great Nature Encyclopedia, an interactive examine the "wow" issue of the wildlife — spotlighting nice White Sharks, African Elephants, Emperor Moths, Howler Monkeys and extra of the world's so much interesting and striking animals in amazing aspect. Visualized with impressive 3D animal versions with cross-sections and strip layers, readers can discover each crucial element of the animals' anatomical positive factors and examine why their our bodies paintings the way in which they do.

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If it gets too hot, they fan themselves with outstretched wings to cool down. Flying foxes have no tail Wing membrane stretches down leg Toes—five on each foot—with claws for gripping branches Skin wings The world’s largest bat is a slow flyer. The enormous membranes of the wings lack fur and are made up of two layers of skin. Like other bats, the bones of the wing are equivalent to the bones of the hand in other mammals—and the wing is supported by the long finger bones, called digits. 5 m) HABITAT Forest LOCATION Southeast Asia DIET Fruit, flowers, and nectar AMAZING ANATOMY AT A GLANCE 43 “Its blood vessels are so wide you could swim along them” ACCORDION MOUTH This whale is called a rorqual, meaning “furrow whale," because its throat is marked by lots of grooves.

The Pileated Woodpecker—the largest living in North America—does two short drum rolls a minute, each lasting just a couple of seconds. ED ING SP E MM RU D M 53 Stiff tail feathers brace the bird against the tree “Kakapos use GIANT PARROT KAKAPO The Kakapo is so heavy that it cannot fly. Although it has wings, it lacks the large breastbone that other birds have for supporting wing muscles, and the feathers are soft and downy, rather than stiff for flying. The world’s only flightless parrot is a slow, owl-faced plant-eater that sleeps all day and ventures out at night.

Males have two long head feathers—each with a row of flaglike plates running along the length—that are like nothing else in any other bird. The males use these extraordinary feathers in courtship dances, to attract a mate. Putting on a show One head feather can be more than twice the length of the bird’s body, but muscles at their base are strong enough to raise them up for a display. The male chooses a good position before bobbing up and down with his feathers held high. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ SIZE 9 in (22 cm) long Colorful aqua-blue mouth HABITAT Mountain rainforest LOCATION New Guinea DIET Fruit and insects Brightly colored yellow breast Head feathers look like a row of bunting E 10 5 15 20 25 ALTITUDE 5,900–8,200 ft ft m 3,000 1,000 6,000 2,000 9,000 3,000 Y 1 MIN OF The female not only builds her own nest, but she also incubates the eggs and rears the young without any help from the male.

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