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By Victor Appleton II

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He calls himself Arthur Gray," said Tom carefully. "Of him, I have not heard. And you know something? " With a glance at Tom, Bud joined the exchange. " "I have no knowledge," said Heliax Odysseus. " "They’ve interfered with our rocket project," Tom replied. " Odysseus sounded thoughtful, not offended. "Your reasoning is good, but in fact I know nothing of this. " The line went dead, and Tom hung up the telephone. "We’ll be going now, Captain," he said. " "We will return you to it immediately," said Captain Mitrou stiffly.

Tom scrambled through the window but didn’t drop to the ground, hanging onto the window sill by hooking his armpits on it, his arms still extending downward into the interior of the room. Grasping Tom’s hands, Bud was able to boost himself up and over the sill. They both dropped as quietly as possible onto the layer of pine needles that blanketed the ground. "I’ll duck behind that big bush," Tom whispered. "You make a sound to attract the guard. " When Tom was well hidden about ten feet from the building, Bud broke off a stiff branch and banged it around on the side of the building.

Maybe," the young inventor admitted. " "Well," said Bud as they neared the row of administration buildings, "maybe Sandy and Bash are right. " Tom was silent for several long moments. Then he tugged on Bud’s sleeve and led his friend into the facility infirmary. "Hi, Jennifer," Tom said to the young nurse sitting at the front counter. "I was passing by and thought I’d look in on that security patrolman who was brought in last week. " "Yes," said Tom. " The nurse smiled at Tom and Bud. " asked Bud.

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